Sir Andrew Quinn releases first book

Andrew Quinn, who recently obtained the title ‘Sir’ so we must now speak of Sir Andrew Quinn, has just released his first book entitled Hiphop & me: the war is finally over, in which he describes his struggle with hiphop and how he finally won this battle.

In this book Sir Quinn, who has participated in the hiphopscene for years, lays bare the pure negativism it promotes and explains why a good rapper is a dead rapper. Quinn comments:“Somehow I’ve always felt that Tupac and Biggie are more positive, because they are dead. When I finally dared to accept these feelings, the urge arose in me to grab a gun and shoot my former rapbuddies, so as to make them more positive. I know society doesn’t approve of these ways of thinking, but in the end they might be grateful. After all, I think sometimes violence dóes solve things.”

Initial pressing is now in stores and thousands of copies are expected to be sold. The first thousand buyers get a free bullet, “so don’t hesitate and run to the nearest bookstore nów!”, says Quinn.



  1. Rapfan said

    You know what, I think this “Sir” Andrew Quinn is one sick fuck! Unworthy of that title; they should take it from him along with his right to speak his mind freely!

  2. guile said

    nice, comfy place you got here :)..

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