John W. shot ‘the sheriff’

15-year-old Arizona citizen John Winslow shot his classmate Eric Paulowsky through the head with his fathers Colt for no apparent reason. The victim died immediately. When asked how he had come to this act of violence John replied:“I was sick of seeing Eric in school everyday. The sole sight of his face just pissed me off!”

Eric Paulowsky was being bullied by John and his friends every day. They called him ‘the sheriff’ because he was always lecturing people when they didn’t conform to the school’s rules. In the past he has been set on fire, pushed before approaching cars, thrown off the school’s roof and almost drowned by John W. and his friends. John’s mom:“I never saw this coming, John is always such a sweet boy!”

John shot Eric when he was on his way home from school. Nobody witnessed the incident directly, but when in court the judge asked John to describe what exactly happened, John said:“I just shot him through the head, then he was dead.”


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  1. The Bard said

    I’ve heard about this. Rumor has it that John Winslow had just obtained the book “Hiphop & me” by Andrew Quinn, with which came a free bullet. This (book and bullet) inspired him to execute his awful plan with Eric Paulowsky. It’s indeed a sad, sad world we live in.

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