Cycler intentionally hits pedestrians

An unidentified citizen of Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, regularly runs over pedestrians when riding his bicycle. Lately police have seen an increasing number of people making a charge against him. Our reporter went and found the 24-year-old cycler, who wishes to remain anonymous, and asked him for his reasons.

“When I’m on my way to the public library near the shoppingmall on a saturday”, he tells us, “there’s always people walking on the bicycle lane or crossing it without looking. I don’t understand this. I’m always coming through with high speed, so it’s very dangerous to carelessly walk or cross there. I finally came to the conclusion that they deliberately do it; intentionally blocking my way, meaning to say ‘Look at the power I have, blocking your way and all.’ When I realized this, I decided not to let them get at me anymore. I started running them over, everyone that gets in my way walking on the bicycle lane instead of the pavement, and it feels só good! I’ve had young and old, adults and children, under my frontwheel. Now when they see me approach, they run to safety. And I’m like:‘Who’s the boss now, huh?’”



  1. The Bard said

    I wonder if he also plays Carmageddon.

  2. Overode said

    “cyclist” not cycler.

    Nice neologism anyway

    Will. 😉

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