Internetreading as fulltime job

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Shinji Tsuyoshi surprised his parents and his professors by announcing that he would spent the rest of his life reading the internet.

“When graduating I spent a lot of time on the internet doing research. Some days I would get up and take my place at the computer only to retire late in the evening. There’s so much interesting stuff to read, following one link after another, it just doesn’t stop anywhere. At some point I realized it would take far more than a lifetime to read it all, but also that I will never feel satisfied if I don’t read as much of it as possible. That’s why I decided I will spent the rest of my life reading the internet, it will be my fulltime job.”

Tsuyoshi has a lot of major companies interested in sponsoring him. He will start a blog with live webcam that, according to the experts, has a big chance of becoming very popular. Visitors would be able to see Tsuyoshi sitting at his computer all day, with a clear view of his monitor and the sites he is visiting. Companies would want to spent some of their marketingbudget on Tsuyoshi, provided he would wear their clothes or eat their products in front of the webcam. These products would also be advertised on his website.

“The internet provides us with new ways of making money, but can also suck up our time”, says Tsuyoshi. “Thinking about this, I concluded it should be possible to make money out of this lost time.” And that’s what he’s about to do.



  1. AWEglinton said

    This may sound humourous to many readers, but after a long time spent in Japan, it comes as no surprise to me, it is in fact full of sadness for me. Social reclusion is all too common, especially amongst teenagers. I have worked with several such cases and researched many other case studies. One of the main reasons behind the phenonemon is the pressure to compete and excel in life while at teh same time having to fit the mould. It is a daunting idea for anyone I suspect, but some are naturally better at it than others. Other causes relate to the economical condition of the country, the ten year depression spawned some rather violent social tendancies in places, and finally there is the old story of the break down of the nuclear family and the rise of of the solo-consumer. Incidently, Japan is the leading country at the moment in the field of robotics, and that I find makes complete sense when you look at cases like Shinji-san.

    Live long and prosper people! Ave!

  2. AWEglinton said

    By the way, I forgot to mention it, but this is a promising blog, keep it up. I’ll add you to my blog roll.

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