Iyam Dump goes to war

Today Dr. Iyam Dump released his new book, entitled MacOS vs Windows: the final battle. In this book he compares the latest MacOS to Windows 95, carefully explaining why MacOS is superior on almost every point.

“This will shut Windows-users’ big mouths for good”, says Dump. “There’s no denying the facts when they are presented this clear. Behold, the great switch is near!”


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  1. The Lying Dutchman said

    O gosh, I don’t think that war will ever be over! But, indeed, when I read Apple’s “Why switch?”-article on the Dutch Apple-site they where talking like “Are you tired of your computer always crashing, of hardware not instantly working” etc. etc. which indeed reminded me of working with Windows 9x back in the days, but doesn’t have anything to do with todays Windows XP (at least not my heavily tweaked rock solid XP 😉 ). By the way, we’re talking about personal computers here, so it all comes down to personal preferences in the end. And that’s exactly why it’s a never ending debate. So I sit back with a cup of coffee and a good book, instead of joining ^_^

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