Babysitting for 500,000 GBP

A British multimillionaire didn’t spill a tear when he heard his 5-year-old son was kidnapped. When the culprit called him and asked for 500,000 British pounds if he ever wanted to see his son again, the man simply replied:“I’d much rather have those pounds than that kid. He’s always been a pain in the ass anyway, that little monster. Just keep him as far away from me as possible!” And with that, he hung up the phone, or so his wife told us.

The kidnapper turned out to be smart, because a few minutes later the phone rang again, and this time the demand was 500,000, or else he would see his son again soon. This got the millionaire véry frightened, and he immediately reported the case to the police, who started an investigation.


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  1. kill your tv said

    Excellent, reverse psychology terrorism, I suppose there’s no reason why it shouldn’t come in all flavours.

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