Vegetarian cannibal tribe is a problem

When a cannibal tribe in Dark Africa turned vegetarian, population in the surrounding area increased significantly due to a rapidly dropping death rate. Government officials are talking to tribe leaders to try to change their minds in order to restore the natural equilibrium.

“We really got a situation here”, says governor Kwali Bahli. “People expect to be eaten sooner or later, so they don’t really have dreams nor work for their future. Now the cannibals have turned vegetarian, unemployment rates are going through the roof. It’s a situation that mustn’t last any longer. That’s why we try to make the cannibals change their mind. If we don’t succeed via official ways, we’ll try to bribe their medicinman; he’s got a lót of influence.”



  1. A novel web log. Like the slices of life you serve. Would like to link you to my web log: . Hmmm…’Dark Africa’…know what country that is?

  2. yzed said

    I see that you haven’t posted for some time. Would like to read more of your unique posts.


  3. The Press said

    That sure is nice to hear. I forgot a little about this website while working on my other site where I write in Dutch. I’ve been trying to come up with new stories for this site lately, but, to my regret, without much success. I sure do want to continue updating this site, so please check back in a month or so; I hope to have something new up by then.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Press.

  4. no i tak jest, wyslales kiedys tego mejla do 10 osob? :> Come on

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